2 thoughts on “Asking Me Anything

  1. my questions are about how you avoid or deal with getting bigger but not getting targeted. I am nervous to even have my name/pic on contests. I will have more questions as I follow your advise but that was my main question I had for you.
    Also, can I successfully go from doing some toy play to not? I love the Domme control but sometimes I like being sexual. Should I just cut that out?

    • As in stalking or harassment? I personally haven’t had much, if any malicious targeting. I’ve only been recognized a handful of times that I know of and they usually coincided with some sore of event so people were aware to be on the lookout.

      As far as toy play, in my opinion I’d do whatever you enjoy the most. If it’s all an act, it won’t be fun and you’ll burn out pretty quick. I don’t think you will gain anything from changing completely and you may actually lose fans if you do. Make your persona coincide with you and just build onto who YOU are and what YOU provide.

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