Becoming a Femdom Cam Girl

How to webcam for top dollar; what to charge and where to find paying subs!

money through camming Let’s face it, anyone with a computer, webcam, or smartphone can go on cam. But what does one do once on cam? What should one expect? And most importantly, where does one find paying subs and how much should one charge?

I’ll start with the basics. First of all, I ONLY cam independently on Skype and KIK. I do not use cam websites. I charge $10/minute for cam with a minimum of 5 minutes. I do NOT offer a discount for extended periods of time. I am not going to charge less for giving away more of my time. No way. A lot of girls new to the scene however, do charge less.  I would recommend the base rate be $5/min for beginners. I personally accept outfit requests if I feel comfortable in what is requested and I will charge additional for the complexity of the outfit, up to about $50. Nudity is your call. Don’t feel obligated nor turned off by it. We make the rules.

paypal to camI do NOT accept PAYPAL! Ladies, Paypal does NOT allow their services for adult content. If one ignorant sub requesting cam decides to report you OR if his account becomes compromised, you will be under investigation too. Once this happens, your account will be frozen and money can be seized. And let me tell you how much of a pain the ass it is to reinstate it. Most likely, you will have to wait a while and open a new bank account. NOT worth it. This goes for Venmo, CirclePay, Square etc. Use at your own risk. More on adult payment processors soon.

How I Session: Tips & Tricks. Avoid Time Wasters. Coming Soon.

Paying subs can be hard to find. It’s important to build your fanbase! Set a schedule and post it. Tweet that you are online with a current photo of your outfit and username! I’m not going to say it’s crucial to have a website or a blog but it is important to brand yourself. It’s also a great place aside from Twitter to post your schedule. Sign up for Niteflirt and create a “Phone with Cam” line. This is free advertisement to thousands of viewers without doing anything other than turning on your line. It takes a credit card to sign up to verify you are over the age of 18 and a few days but in my opinion, very worth it to get your Skype name out there. And speaking of phone lines, is also another option to get your face and name out there and revolving for free advertisement.

Where To Find Subs. Coming Soon.