OnlyFans is Hot!

For the past few weeks my OnlyFans has been on ?!

What is Onlyfans? It’s a Twitter Instagram pay-per-view hybrid. Once you open an account, you have the option to charge subscribers a monthly fee to view all of your content. You also have the option to post free content visible to non subscribers in order to entice new member signups. But not only can you charge a monthly membership fee, you can also send out pay-per-view private msgs. Let’s say you have one loyal fan who pays extra for special or private content. You can send him pay-per-view of pics to score some extra cash… AND you can MASS msg all your fans with the same pay-per-view hoping they ALL bite!

Need help promoting your OnlyFans profile? My suggestion is to take advantage of Twitter. Post the hottest photo or a preview vid on twitter and link to your OnlyFan’s profile. If your fan doesn’t become a follower right away,  if he keeps seeing more and more exciting posts, he’s eventually going let his curiosity get the best of him and subscribe.

But remember! It pays to be consistent. It pays to post content with little or even no followers. You NEED nice little nest or cushion of back content. Subscribers want to feel like they are not only interacting with you but that they are also getting their money’s worth of past content.

Oh, and did I mention OF’s allows you to go LIVE on cam? I have yet to use this function so I can’t say much about it YET. I plan to take advantage of it soon and will report back.

And the best news of all is you keep 80% commission on all signups, tributes, and a pay-per-view feature (vs 60% clip site sales), JOIN ONLYFANS and start making that cash!

Still don’t believe me? Check out this article The NY Times posted on OnlyFans. 

Get Paid To Sext

Sext Panther – Getting Paid to Text

Get paid to sext  Set your rates and get paid to send sexy texts and photos/video.

Tips on sexting:

  • Get the customer talking! Ask him why he is texting you. Ask what his fetishes and interests are.
  • Tease him with a pic or clip of his confessed fetish (which you will charge more for, obviously).
  • Tease tease tease!
  • Give praise when he does as told (goodboy).
  • Never allow orgasm.
  • Did I say never allow orgasm? NEVER ALLOW ORGASM.

I personally do NOT take texts if I am out “living my life.” But this is a great opportunity to make easy and quick cash when I’m bored or not doing anything special and a texts pops up.

sext panther get paid to text

Adult Payment Processors

As I’ve mentioned before and will promise to mention again: DO NOT USE PAYPAL, CIRCLE PAY, SQUARE, VENMO etc unless you have successfully read their TOS section to ensure adult content is allowed.

One of my personal favorites is Kinkbomb. Once signed up, you can opt into their 90% tributes for life offer. Can’t beat 90%. They are literally taking nothing for themselves. The 10% goes straight to the credit card processor.

kinkbomb tributes is another site I trust to take tribute. Their payout on tribute is 75% and they have the highest clip payout out at 70%. I like taking tribute with IWC as it boosts my ranking on IWC’s top list which in turn boosts my exposure to new potential customers.

highest payouts in adult industry

IndieBill seems to be a favorite with girls overseas.  With an 85% payout minus chargebacks*, I’d say this one is also a win win. I personal don’t use it… BUT after discovering IndieBill’s perks while writing this, I now plan to.

indiebill international payment processor

Other great sites out there such as Clips4Sale (60%) and Niteflirt (70%) I accept tribute on but don’t encourage it.

* A chargeback is a disputed transaction resulting in the loss of funds earned.

Building a Website

Buying a domain and setting up a website is a simple and cheap process. I plan to go over how to purchase a domain name, find hosting, and setting up your own website / blog from scratch but for now I suggest you take a look at what IndieBill is offering.

Your website, 85% commissions, no chargebacks
Get your own website for free powered by IndieBill. You can sell videos, Skype shows, customs, Snapchat as well as receiving tips easily.

create a free membership site

I’d appreciate if you signed up with my IndieBill link before emailing about a members site.


If you want to venture out on your own, I suggest registering your domain at with the coupon code “PRIVACYPLEASE” hosted at

Becoming a Femdom Cam Girl

How to webcam for top dollar; what to charge and where to find paying subs!

money through camming Let’s face it, anyone with a computer, webcam, or smartphone can go on cam. But what does one do once on cam? What should one expect? And most importantly, where does one find paying subs and how much should one charge?

I’ll start with the basics. First of all, I ONLY cam independently on Skype and KIK. I do not use cam websites. I charge $10/minute for cam with a minimum of 5 minutes. I do NOT offer a discount for extended periods of time. I am not going to charge less for giving away more of my time. No way. A lot of girls new to the scene however, do charge less.  I would recommend the base rate be $5/min for beginners. I personally accept outfit requests if I feel comfortable in what is requested and I will charge additional for the complexity of the outfit, up to about $50. Nudity is your call. Don’t feel obligated nor turned off by it. We make the rules.

paypal to camI do NOT accept PAYPAL! Ladies, Paypal does NOT allow their services for adult content. If one ignorant sub requesting cam decides to report you OR if his account becomes compromised, you will be under investigation too. Once this happens, your account will be frozen and money can be seized. And let me tell you how much of a pain the ass it is to reinstate it. Most likely, you will have to wait a while and open a new bank account. NOT worth it. This goes for Venmo, CirclePay, Square etc. Use at your own risk. More on adult payment processors soon.

How I Session: Tips & Tricks. Avoid Time Wasters. Coming Soon.

Paying subs can be hard to find. It’s important to build your fanbase! Set a schedule and post it. Tweet that you are online with a current photo of your outfit and username! I’m not going to say it’s crucial to have a website or a blog but it is important to brand yourself. It’s also a great place aside from Twitter to post your schedule. Sign up for Niteflirt and create a “Phone with Cam” line. This is free advertisement to thousands of viewers without doing anything other than turning on your line. It takes a credit card to sign up to verify you are over the age of 18 and a few days but in my opinion, very worth it to get your Skype name out there. And speaking of phone lines, is also another option to get your face and name out there and revolving for free advertisement.

Where To Find Subs. Coming Soon.


Getting Started Shooting POV Clips

Why Shoot Quality Fetish Clips

Let’s face it, clips are important. It’s residual income. Money while you sleep. Put in the time and effort in now and make money for years to come.

Shooting fetish clips isn’t hard. All you need is the right equipment and editing software to get started. Using your iPhone and some basic knowledge of iMovie may get you by in the beginning but will make it difficult to sustain and gain in this competitive industry. Don’t forget, all equipment purchased IS A TAX WRITE OFF!! I’ve included Amazon links because a lot of industry girls receive amazon gift cards as payment. But if you do pay out of pocket with a credit card, you can deduct it from your gross income. This includes webcams, computers, costumes etc. But more on that later.

How To Shoot Quality Fetish Clips

bts shooting tipsHair and makeup aside, it’s important to find a quit spot you will feel comfortable talking openly to the camera in. This is what we call POV (point of view) style clips. Props are fun but not essential. Nor is nudity. You do what you are comfortable with and it will show through in your performance. It’s also important to focus on trigger words. For example, if the theme of your clip is humiliation you will want to pay attention to saying the word loser, or making the L sign with your hand and angling the camera low like he is on his knees looking up at you.

I’ve created a list of items essential to being successful at shooting fetish clips below.


This is a tough one. All camera’s to an extent are doable. It’s important to use a camera with a memory card slot and not just internal memory (ie. your iPhone). The size and the speed of the memory card is also important. Don’t go with just any old cheap card. You want to make sure no important date is lost due to a faulty card. I recommend San Disk Extreme Pro 64mb or larger. I personally use a Canon XA10 but something a simple as a Canon VIXIA HF R700 Camcorder will work just as well. It’s also a good idea to pick up a spare batter and external wall charger to charge one while you shoot if you plan on shooting anything over an hour or so.


Amazon’s Basics tripod will get the job done. I will write more on the quality and lifespan of products and brands later.


Lighting is very important. The most popular source of lighting nowadays is the ring light. But for a cheaper option, you can go with an umbrella lighting kit. Without the proper lighting your clips will come out lacking quality.


I myself like to use a HDMI cable to connect my camcorder to a tv or monitor and watch myself closer on the big screen. The longer the length the better. Mics are also fun but not vital.

Once the basics are mastered, there many more fun and creative feature you can begin to incorporate when making clips such as a green screen, voiceovers, sound fx, etc. But for now I suggest you stick with the basics.

Next Up : Editing

Free Advice

Why have I decided to write this blog? What’s in it for me?

After my article published on Thrillist : How I make $200k a Year Demanding Money From Men Online ran back in 2015, I was bombarded with emails from women seeking advice on how to do the same. At first the idea of sharing the secret to my success was daunting. Not only did I not want more competition, I didn’t want to have to explain myself over and over again.
how i make $200,000 demanding money from men online
So here’s the deal. I am going to show you all the opportunities out there but it’s your job to connect the dots, put in the hard work, effort, energy, and time to succeed. Why am I doing this? Why not? There is a new domme born every day so why not give her the tools to become successful and teach her how to carry the title of a dominatrix right. I’m more put off by men walking all over webcam models, demanding their fetish be served without respecting or compensating their Mistresses properly. This lowers the bar and the standards for what was once such a niche and  highly regarded position.

And honestly, no matter how much free advice, tips, tricks etc. I provide… it takes a lot of dedication self motivation and work ethic to succeed. I built my brand from the bottom up. I’ll also be the first to admit I also got into the industry at a key and pivotal time. I helped pioneer and pave the way this online fetish called “findom” has exploded into today. I’ve got a lot of know how and opportunity but it’s up to you to take advantage of what I’m offering.

I will also note, I’ve included a few affiliate links to products and sites. Rest assured, they are products and sites I use and trust but I’m not going to lie, I’d like to be compensated for my time and advice and would appreciate it if you decide to sign up or purchase something, you do so with my referral code.